Rats and mice eating all the leaves of plants

In December 2017, the number of rats and mice in panaji, goa has increased rapidly as no pest control methods are being implemented by the local authorities to check their population. While homes on the ground floor have always been plagued by rats in panaji, goa now even homes on the third floor of apartment complexes are getting flooded with rats which climb the pipes and enter homes
Despite using glue traps for trapping 6 rats, the rats and mice continue to flood the homes, eating everything they can get hold of. They are eating all the leaves of the few plants kept in the balcony .
Usually animals avoid eating the leaves of pothos or money plants as the leaves are poisonous, however the rats of panaji are so hungry, that even the leaves of the money plant were all eaten.
They had also eaten many of the leaves of a chilli plant, however the plant managed to survive
Any tips to prevent garden and leaf damage by rats, mice will be greatly appreciated