Mint leaves cost Rs 5 for 20-28 grams

Google, tata are so ruthless in destroying the life of the engineer, domain investor whose identity they have stolen , that online payment from many advertisers is blocked to cause losses , waste the time of the domain investor
So investing time and money online has become a waste of time, as no ads are sold for more than 70% of the developed websites, for the ad networks who are paying.
One of the options which the domain investor is seriously considering is growing plants for at least home consumption.
Many of the plants are not growing well, however one of the plants she is considering growing on a large scale are mint plants
In the panaji market mint leaves are costing Rs 5 for a bundle which weighs between 20-28 grams depending on the seller. In some cases, the seller will charge Rs 6 or Rs 10 for a bundle also depending on his profit margin
Since google,tata have made it difficult to sell even one ad costing Rs 3 a month daily on any of the the 300+ websites despite paying Rs 1000 per domain annually, with their extremely tight control of the indian internet sector, it is better to do research on growing mint plants at home, how to ensure that they grow well, and fast , instead of investing in domain names
Having 300+ large mint plants will be a better source of passive income than the 300 websites, without paying Rs 1000 per domain annually to the registry and registrar

Anyone interested in purchase mint leaves grown organically can send an email to Dried, processed leaves also available on request