No leaves left for murraya paniculata plant cut in private property in panaji, goa by CCP officials

The goa government wants investors to invest their hard earned money in goa, yet the politicians are so vicious in harassing harmless citizens, that they cannot even grow plants in private property. These plants cost money, yet CCP officials in panaji, goa are cutting the plants without a reason, without asking the home owner for permission

For example in La campala colony, panaji, goa in one house, several plants in private property were cut by the CCP without even informing the home owner. Initially a teak tree in the property, a star gooseberry tree and bay leaf tree in other people’s property was cut and dumped in the private property around July 12, 2020.
The cut trees remained in the property for more than one month till August 14, 2020,
It appears that on August 15, 2020, the politician or official who ordered the cutting of the trees, decided to remove them and also killed almost all other plants in the private property. The plants in private property which were killed by the CCP officials/politicians were
– Gardenia
– Crepe jasmine,
– Murraya paniculata – plants was completely cut, no leaves are left

This indicates the lack of civil rights in panaji, goa , that some citizens cannot even grow plants in their private property, CCP officials are cutting their plants, probably out of hatred for the home owner who has not interfered in their life in any way

This shows the mindset of panaji society,officialsand politicians educated hardworking people are criminally defamed, cheated, exploited, harassed while lazy greedy LIAR FRAUD shameless sindhi scammer school dropout housewives and their LIAR scammer sons,other goan bhandari frauds are considered role models with the government blindly believing their lies

Trampled aloe vera leaves indicate terrace is used for trespassing

Confirming the high crime rate in one of the poshest areas of panaji, the domain investor finds that unidentified people are entering her house from the terrace,criminally trespassing it to steal seedlings and seeds like the white ternatea pea, beans seeds
It appears that the terrace is used for criminal trepassing , since the leaves of an aloe vera plant are trampled
The trespassers are allegedly using the neighbours house to climb to the terrace and enter it . Trying to find methods to find out how the trespassers entered the house remains a major challenge