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Large areas covered with leaves due to cyclone Taukate in Panaji, goa

On 16 May 2021, the cyclone Taukate hit Panaji, Goa
It was one of the most severe cyclones to hit Panaji in the last 10 years, usually only a few branches of trees are broken when there are cyclones
For this cyclone the winds were howling the entire day since wind speed was 170 km/ hour
In some garages, the metal covering sheets were dislodged and blown away
Leaves were blown away and many areas were covered with leaves. Leaves from the plants of goan bhandari R&AW employee scammer sunaina chodan are covering the neigbours house, blocking water drainage

Since finding servants for outsourcing aloe vera leaf robbery is difficult panaji sindhi scammer schooldropout housewife naina chandan gets aloe vera plant

After aloe vera leaf robbery leads to loss of long term maidservant,panaji sindhi scammer schooldropout housewife naina chandan gets aloe vera plant since it is difficult to outsource leaf robbery to maidservants

Though she had plenty of money and time, panaji sindhi scammer schooldropout cbi employee housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh is ruthless in cheating, robbing and exploiting others. Once she outsourced robbery of aloe vera leaves to her long term maidservant zeenat from chimbel, and it appears that the aloe vera leaves robbery video became viral
The servant zeenat was harassed or faced other problems because of the aloe vera leaves robbery video, so she started demanding Rs 5000 for cleaning the house, which naina refused to pay. The sari clad zeenat was working with naina for more than 5-6 years at a fairly low salary of Rs 1800 per month.
So naina was forced to get new servants a mother-daughter in july august 2020, yet these servants also left by march 2021.
Realizing that the aloe vera leaves robbery had cost her a very reliable servant, and other servants were also not interested in robbing leaves, it appears that now naina has purchased one aloe vera plant or got it from her friend. The new plant is placed on the brick fence, and the leaves are cut.

Repairing damage caused due to hibiscus leaf washing in panaji costs Rs 3500

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The intelligence and security agencies in panaji are hysterically make fake black money allegations against indian paypal account holders, they do not realize that even small repairs to a house /mailing address are very expensive in goa

For example some people in panaji are very rich and powerful, like the sindhi scammer family of school dropout cbi employee naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh, that they are wasting water daily for washing the leaves of their hibiscus plant when it is not really required.
In the process the gate of the neighbour got damaged, and the hinges disintegrated due to water damage. The sindhi scammers had got the water supply to the house of the neighbour cut, making fake allegations of dengue, so the neighbour cannot even clean the house.

Repairing the damage to the hinge and patio covers caused by leaf washing has cost the neigbor Rs 3500, and the shameless sindhi scammers refuse to acknowledge their mistake or compensate the person to whom they cause losses.

Shredded leaves indicate that a power weeder was used to kill plants in private property in panaji, goa

One of the best indications that the CCP contractor has destroyed plants in private property are the shredded leaves since only the power weeder will destroy the leaves so completely, otherwise only the plants are uprooted.

Several morning glory seedlings in private property killed after criminal trespassing by CCP contractor in la campala colony, panaji, goa. After the recent rains in panaji, goa, at least 10-15 seedlings of morning glory plants were growing very well well inside the compound of a home of a private citizen. Yet indicating the hatred of powerful people, a power weeder was used to kill the seedlings, so that almost no trace is left.

In La campala colony panaji, goa the local munincipality employees/contractors are entering private property and killing plants repeatedly when the home owner is away
since they have killed plants in July, August 2020 and again on 15 January 2021
Only the CCP contractor hired for killing plants in public property has a power weeder, the equipment which shreds the plants, no one else has the equipment
Plants killed on 15 January 2021 include
– Wedellia
– Butterfly pea, ternatea
– Sword ferns
– several morning glory plants
– papaya plant
All the plants were growing in private property, there is a gate, yet only because the property owner is away, and has hostile neighbors who are allegedly falsely claiming ownership, the CCP contractor is criminally trespassing on private property, using the power weeder on private property, killing plants
The gate of the property is left open so that newspaper delivery person, postman can leave mail, yet in reality the CCP contractor is killing the plants using the power weeder on private property
Photos of the shredded plants in private property can be provided.

Kindly note that slim goan bhandari R&AW employee fraud sunaina chodan, panaji sindhi scammer housewife naina chandan, her lazy fraud sons karan, nikhil, are not associated with the website in any way, though liar gujju, sindhi, goan bhandari officials led by pritesh chodankar, naik, google, tata PIMPS are making fake claims to get all these frauds raw/cbi salaries at the expense of the real domain investor

star gooseberry leaves and fruits make the soil acidic and no plants grow

In July 2020, in addition to cutting the plants in the compound of the domain investor, the star gooseberry tree in the vicinity was also chopped down. The domain investor had tried growing plants in the area for many years, sowing the seeds, yet no plants were growing despite her best effort
After the trees were removed in August 2020, the domain investor dumped some papaya and other seeds which she had.
It appears that star gooseberry leaves and fruits make the soil acidic and no plants grow
Since there are no star gooseberry fruits falling in the compound after many years, the soil is suitable for growing many plants. The papaya plants are growing very well using the underground water table.

No leaves left for murraya paniculata plant cut in private property in panaji, goa by CCP officials

The goa government wants investors to invest their hard earned money in goa, yet the politicians are so vicious in harassing harmless citizens, that they cannot even grow plants in private property. These plants cost money, yet CCP officials in panaji, goa are cutting the plants without a reason, without asking the home owner for permission

For example in La campala colony, panaji, goa in one house, several plants in private property were cut by the CCP without even informing the home owner. Initially a teak tree in the property, a star gooseberry tree and bay leaf tree in other people’s property was cut and dumped in the private property around July 12, 2020.
The cut trees remained in the property for more than one month till August 14, 2020,
It appears that on August 15, 2020, the politician or official who ordered the cutting of the trees, decided to remove them and also killed almost all other plants in the private property. The plants in private property which were killed by the CCP officials/politicians were
– Gardenia
– Crepe jasmine,
– Murraya paniculata – plants was completely cut, no leaves are left

This indicates the lack of civil rights in panaji, goa , that some citizens cannot even grow plants in their private property, CCP officials are cutting their plants, probably out of hatred for the home owner who has not interfered in their life in any way

This shows the mindset of panaji society,officialsand politicians educated hardworking people are criminally defamed, cheated, exploited, harassed while lazy greedy LIAR FRAUD shameless sindhi scammer school dropout housewives and their LIAR scammer sons,other goan bhandari frauds are considered role models with the government blindly believing their lies

Trampled aloe vera leaves indicate terrace is used for trespassing

Confirming the high crime rate in one of the poshest areas of panaji, the domain investor finds that unidentified people are entering her house from the terrace,criminally trespassing it to steal seedlings and seeds like the white ternatea pea, beans seeds
It appears that the terrace is used for criminal trepassing , since the leaves of an aloe vera plant are trampled
The trespassers are allegedly using the neighbours house to climb to the terrace and enter it . Trying to find methods to find out how the trespassers entered the house remains a major challenge

Damaged periwinkle leaves proof of trespassing through terrace

In another case of harassment in panaji, goa, a home owner in la campala colony, panaji, goa has been falsely accused of causing dengue, and some people have filed complaints with the health department repeatedly.
The home owner does not stay overnight in the house which was repeatedly burgled due to high crime rate in the area and criminal trespassing, allegedly because the security agencies are giving duplicate masterkeys to their associates
Since the neighbours are hysterically accusing the home owner of causing dengue, the home owner is regularly inspecting the terrace to ensure that there is no bottle or container which is upright. On 14 July 2020, a bottle was kept upright on the terrace, in a clear case of criminal trespassing of the house when there was no upright bottle on 13 july 2020
It appears that some one had criminally trespassed on the terrace, jumping from the neighbour’s house, since the leaves of the periwinkle plant were damaged, had brown marks. There are other periwinkle plants nearby they were not damaged

In a clear case of harassment, waste of government resources, it appears that the neighbours or their associates are intentionally criminally trespassing on private property, placing containers or upright bottles on the terrace to collect rainwater and then filing fake dengue complaints

Later these periwinkle leaves were removed

A week later cut tree not removed from private property

In a clear case of harassment, a tree in private property and other trees were cut in la campala colony, panaji, goa on 11-12 July 2020. Instead of removing the cut trees, they were dumped in the private property blocking access for the home owner.
More than one week later on 20 July 2020, the cut tree remains in the private property, blocking access for the home owner.
The gate of the house was also damaged.
If CCP did not have the manpower to clear the tree, why the great hurry to cut the tree in private propery