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Chutneys and salads which use leaves may cause acute gastroentritis

Many people like to make chutneys and salads which use coriander and mint leaves because no cooking is required.
Also they can be prepared quickly and eaten for several days
However, there is a major risk of gastroentritis when eating the chutney
The risk increases if the chutney is eaten for several days
So it is better to prepare small quantities, though it may be time consuming.

Natural methods to treat infected leaves

Washing the mildew affected plant with water periodically can help remove the fungus to some extent. There are also other compounds which are effective as Powdery Mildew Treatment.

Some gardeners have found that a solution of baking soda with water can be used to kill the fungi causing mildew to some extent. Neem oil is widely recommended as a fungicide to destroy the fungi causing the mildew on the leaves and stem.

The plants should be planted some distance from each other to improve the air circulation, allowing the leaves and stem to dry quickly. The pruning tools should be disinfected periodically with bleach to kill the fungi.