1 kg fresh aloe vera leaves from sarang garden

aloe vera

Offer for aloe vera leaves

1 kg fresh aloe vera leaves from sarang garden listed for sale at Amazon.in
100% Natural and organic
Non toxic and having medicinal properties
Seller claims that he will supply three Big Leaves for a total weight of around 1200 gm
Leaf length approximately 55 cm
Listed price : Rs 600
Shipping Rs 65

No reviews, the seller claims that the leaves will be packed properly to avoid damage during transport.

The size of these leaves are larger than those available from other aloe vera species, Those who want smaller leaves can contact.

300 g fresh aloe vera leaves from sarang garden

300 g fresh aloe vera leaves from sarang garden listed for sale at Amazon.in

Seller claims that he will supply One Big Leaf or Two small Leaves
Listed price : Rs 299
Shipping Rs 65
No reviews

Exact type of aloe vera not specified.

Bone setter plant is hardy

After the monsoon it is difficult for some people to water their plants daily, and many of the plants will die.
However the Bone setter plant is fairly hardy and will survive even if not watered daily.
The plant was purchased during the sale of medicinal plants in July 2017, and it has survived till December 2017
Plant contains
calcium oxalate
ascorbic acid
vitamin c

Propagation has not been attempted.
Limited stock available

Ajwain leaves available

Ajwain is one of the few plants which has edible leaves and requires less maintenance, regular watering
The following ajwain or indian coleus , borage supplies are available
Ajwain leaves fresh
Ajwain leaves dried
Ajwain branches
Ajwain cuttings

The leaves are used for treating cough and cold , and can be used for making a chutney for eating with food.

Available in panaji, goa and can be supplied elsewhere also

Health benefits of mango leaves

Mango leaves have a wide range of benefits and the leaves are usually boiled in water so that the beneficial ingredients will seep into the water . Some of the benefits are for
- treating respiratory problems
- diabetes
- lowering blood pressure
- gall and kidney stones
- earache
- dysentry
- healing burns
- hiccups and throat problems, burning the leaves
- for treating stomach problems

Limited stock of mango leaves available at present at the lowest price. More mango leaves available in June 2018

Mango leaves for sale online

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Few books on medicinal plants are comprehensive

Though medicinal plants have a lot of applications, there are few comprehensive books on medicinal plants
Most of the books available have very limited information, and few photos
For example Medicinal plants in your own yard published by Navakarnataka does not have any information on the insulin plant and leaves , which are used for diabetes treatment
So a person looking for information on medicinal plants has to consult multiple sources to get information on the product, plant and independently verify whether the information is acccurate.

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Some of the leaves available are :
Teak leaves
Ajwain leaves
Bean leaves
Insulin plant leaves
Money plant leaves
Gardenia leaves
Valerian leaves
Mango leaves
Hibiscus leaves
Aloe vera leaves

Properties and applications of these leaves will be discussed separately . Most leaves are from plants owned by the domain investor. Can consider growing new leaves

Leaves for sale, information on different kinds of leaves

Leaves for sale online, ebay, amazon listings prices, comparison, information on different kinds of leaves.

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