Finding a Professional to Prune Dead Branches from Our Trees

Years ago my husband and I purchased an older home in a family oriented neighborhood. The streets are lined with trees that have to be well over a hundred years old. We have three in front of our house that are beautiful, especially when the leaves turn yellow, orange and red in color. While doing yard work I have noticed that there are several dead branches that are pretty large in size. We knew this was too big of a job for us so we decided to hire a company that provides”>tree pruning in Long Island. We don’t know a whole lot about pruning trees so we decided to do a bit of research on a few local companies and pick the one we thought was the best. While researching, there was one that stood out above the rest. This company has certified arborists that know the proper way to prune a tree. This company uses high-end safety equipment to ensure the safety of everybody involved and they have also been in business for several decades. I found out more than I bargained for while looking at their website. I didn’t know there were different types of pruning techniques. It was easy to find out though that the one we need is a cleaning which is where they remove dead and diseased branches. The best part is that they offer a free estimate with no obligation to retain their services. My husband called and made an appointment for them to come out and assess what needs to be done. One of us would have to be there to meet with them which will not be a problem. We decided it would be best for my husband to meet with them as he is more in tune with this kind of work than I am.