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Moringa leaves used for weight loss products

Apilean is a widely advertised weight loss product online
The advertising for the product claims that the Moringa or drumstick leaves used in making Apilean will help in weight loss.
For information on Apilean , weight loss, health and other products, check Health product information.
Though Moringa plants survive for many years, it is very difficult to grow the plant from seeds
The moringa seeds are more expensive than most other seeds, and the seedling will often die quickly.

The very last leaf – book on life of leaves

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Marigold and mango leaf strings used extensively during dussehra

24 October was celebrated as Dussehra in most places in India.
Usually during Dussehra people are decorating their house and vehicles with marigold strings
Usually the marigold flowers are available in yellow and orange color
In some strings the flower colors are alternating while in other strings mango leaves are used with the flowers.
A marigold and mango leaf string of one meter was priced at Rs 100 at the local flower seller.
Those who like eating mangoes can get a free supply of mango leaves growing the mango seeds in their garden, the seedlings will grow well during monsoon

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Pandan leaf plant is growing very slowly

The local plant sellers are extremely aggressive in marketing the pandan leaf plant.
The plant is also called the basmati rice or biryani rice plant, since the leaves can be added to food to give its unique flavor
Online the plant will cost Rs 300, offline the plant is cheaper since it is supplied in a grow bag.
While the plant has not wilted,it is growing very slowly , few new leaves are growing

Chutneys and salads which use leaves may cause acute gastroentritis

Many people like to make chutneys and salads which use coriander and mint leaves because no cooking is required.
Also they can be prepared quickly and eaten for several days
However, there is a major risk of gastroentritis when eating the chutney
The risk increases if the chutney is eaten for several days
So it is better to prepare small quantities, though it may be time consuming.

Price of coriander leaves varies depending on weather

In addition to quantity, one of the main factors affecting the price of coriander leaves also called dhania is the weather.
During autumn and winter the price of the coriander leaves is reasonable, one bunch will cost Rs 10-20
Often during monsoon, the fields are flooded and there is a scarcity of coriander leaves suppliers.
So the quantity of coriander leaves sold for Rs 10 decreases to a large extent.
Only a few plants are sold for the same price and cooks have to adjust their budget or recipes accordingly

Coriander leaves used in a large number of dishes

Coriander leaves are one of the most widely used leaves for cooking.
In some cases, the leaves are an integral part of cooking , while in other cases, the leaves are used for decor.
Coriander plants are sold in bunches.
The leaves are removed from the plant and washed.
Then the leaves are chopped, for use in food.
Some cooks sprinkle the chopped leaves on the food they prepare and post photos on instagram

Tulsi leaves have medicinal properties

Tulsi or holy basil is the one of easiest plants to grow
In India the tulsi or holy basil (latin name ocimum tenuiflorum) is one of the easiest plants to grow, especially for those who do not have much experience in growing plants.
The tulsi plant is also the cheapest plant to purchase the street vendors will sell a tulsi plant for Rs 20 each in metro cities, and in small towns the prices are usually higher at Rs 25 or Rs 30 a plant
The plants are usually sold in grow bags, and they will continue to grow in the grow bag if they are wate
red daily
In small towns, the tulsi plants are often growing on the road side
The tulsi leaves have medicinal uses, help in boosting the immunity

Karela creeper has intricate delicate leaves, which are ornamental

Though the domain investor does not eat karela, she likes to grow the plant since the creeper has nice beautiful shaped leaves and flowers
When she was in goa, she found that no plant was growing at all in the house which she used as the mailing address
It now appears that someone was criminally trespassing and removing the plants as soon as the seedlings germinated
In the metro city, the domain investor has grown a few plants in the small area available to solve the mystery of the missing karela plants. Some of the plants have grown very well, and now after a few weeks, the karela plant has delicate yellow flowers
Whether a karela will be formed or not, it at least solves the mystery of the disappearing karela creepers

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Lucky bamboo prices depend on the leaf length

While lucky bamboos are fairly expensive when purchased online, costing Rs 150 or more, it is possible to purchase the bamboo at a cheap rate at the local flea market
It appears that some people are growing the lucky bamboo in their home
Then they are selling the lucky bamboo in the flea market at a low rate of Rs 20-25 for smaller lucky bamboos
The leaves of the lucky bamboo are very light green in color
The larger lucky bamboos are priced at Rs 50 each.
After keeping the lucky bamboo in sunlight the leaves become dark green